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 Cool Capital

Washington Parks & People is proud to be the home of the Cool Capital Challenge which unites individuals, schools, congregations, businesses, governments and other institutions to take a billion-pound bite out of the Capital Region's carbon dioxide emissions by April 2008. Together we can meet the challenge of global warming.  You can take on climate change by making a few money-saving changes in your home, at work, or on the road. Your pledge makes a difference, so take the challenge.


Cool Capital Events and Resources

Find out about our upcoming Cool Capital Events and News.  We are constantly providing trainings, community activities, events and more. Check out our great resource page packed with energy saving tips, links, videos, and advice for individuals and businesses.

Cool Capital Screen shot What is Cool Capital?

Building on the best practices of individual businesses and institutions, the Cool Capital Challenge is an unprecedented, one-year initiative to produce a one-billion-pound reduction in the Washington region's carbon dioxide emissions. This achievement will be equivalent to taking 80,000 cars off the road.  This reduction will serve as both a springboard for more lasting solutions and business practices and as an inspiring model for the rest of the country. Cool Capital will demonstrate the immense practical, financial, marketing, and environmental benefits of investing in stronger energy efficiency measures.

The Cool Capital Challenge compliments other climate initiatives.  Over 680 mayors nationwide including DC Mayor Fenty and many Washington-area mayors, have signed the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, coordinated by the US Conference of Mayors, a Cool Capital partner.  Fairfax, Montgomery and Arlington counties, working with Sierra Club (also a Cool Capital partner) have become Cool Counties.  Additionally, Cool is producing trainings and other technical assistance in collaboration with a range of regional partners.

Cool Capital empowers people with specific, positive, and money-saving steps that each of us can take right away to improve our own lives while setting a decisive example for the rest of the planet. Structured like a capital campaign with contributions of carbon savings instead of cash, Cool Capital will boost the power of each household, school, congregation, business, and agency to magnify our impact through coordinated action and outreach to others. In so doing, we will leverage new capital and revenue streams to meet this challenge with new innovation, power, and enterprise.

Cool Capital will help the Washington area to lead the country in the transformation of household energy choices, business practices, market forces, workforce training, and transportation options that our new climate demands. We intend to stay in business until climate change is licked.  When we reach our initial goal of one-billion-pounds reduction on Earth Day 2008, we will enter a new phase of the Challenge. Already, Cool Capital has been featured by the National Association of Counties as a model for many of their members who represent 80% of the counties across the US.  Additionally, Cool has Carbon Buster community leaders in communities across the region.

The Cool Capital Challenge was started in early 2007 by volunteers from business, institutions, government agencies, congregations, and community and environmental organizations in the Metro Washington region.  Our group is growing by the day.  We hope soon to have funding to hire a staff but climate change and our effort are moving too quickly to wait until then to act.