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How We Do It: Park Ideas That Work

Visit Project for Public Spaces' Urban Parks Online to learn more about the influential role parks and plazas play in the quality of life of urban areas. Under Ask The Expert, Parks & People Director Steve Coleman discusses how to sustain park revitalization and public outreach for the long haul. Click on the links below to view his online essays.

In addition, Steve has also given talks and interviews about parks across the country and abroad. Click on the links below to hear the programs.

Our efforts to revitalize greenspaces and communities across the city have been featured in numerous articles. Please be sure to check back; we are in the process of uploading more articles.

Parks & People's history and approach to public green space was featured in the June issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Read about the Watts Branch stream-valley revitalization in the April 2005 issue of the UK's Spaces & Places magazine.
(NOTE: Scroll past the first page to see the full article.)

The first indication of an urgent need for change: "Dark Side of a Park"
Washington Post
August 30, 1981
by Linda Wheeler

"Ganging Up for Restoration"
Washington Post
July 4, 2002
by Tani Kahan

"New Spark in an Old Park"
The Shuttle Sheet
August 2001
by Karen Feld

"President Stops to Smell the Flowers"
Washington Post
April 22, 1994
by Linda Wheeler

"Capital Hills; Away From Cars and Concrete, Urban Hikers Discover Fresh Views Of a Monumentally Pretty City"
Washington Post, Style section
11 June 2003
by David Montgomery

"House of Blues; Marvin Gaye's Boyhood Home Awaits the Wrecking Ball or a Second Act" (Link coming soon!)
Washington Post, Style section
19 May 2003
by Natalie Hopkinson

"Urban Nature, A Monthly Feature Exploring Washington's Wild Side"
Washington Post, Kids Post
October 2003 by Patterson Clark

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